Welcome Home to Clear Lake

Bell Harbor is a private non-profit homeowners' association with 128 private property owners in Clear Lake, Iowa. The facilities are for the exclusive use of members and guests.

We have a website which was designed with the purpose of promoting knowledge of the Homeowners' Association and promoting the use of Knoer Lodge. Thank you for your interest in Bell Harbor.

Property owned in common includes Knoer Lodge, lakefront property with swimming area, boat docks, play equipment, and recreation area, east and west common areas, the streets, and the well water system. The Bell Harbor Homeowners' Association is classed as a transient non-community public water supply subject to all rules and regulations of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Our identification number is PWS# 1716418. We are not a shared well system.

An elected board governs the association. A manager is hired for day-to-day operations and rules are set for the safety and enjoyment of the members.

The Bell Harbor Homeowners' Association is a private non-profit homeowners association. We are not a planned unit development (PUD).

The Association is located in rural Cerro Gordo County, Iowa and is subject to all zoning regulations and rules of the county.

The Board of Directors meets at least quarterly. Exceptions may include weather, lack of business, or lack of a quorum. In that case meetings are rescheduled.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for July 27th 2024 @ 8:00 am in the Lodge, followed by the Annual Meeting from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.